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Services Provided

Communication takes many different forms – from reports and proposals, scientific articles, through to blogs and social media status updates – each type of communication requires an understanding of the target audience and writing skills that attract and hold the readers’ attention. Without communication, the best conservation ideas cannot even get off the ground. Our communication services include:

  • Writing in all forms – scientific, report/proposal, popular media (blogs, newspapers etc.)
  • Proof-reading articles in any of the above forms
  • Training courses and/or on-going practical training for staff and students to improve their report writing or popular writing skills

Internal communications or scientific articles are not enough in our modern world. Everyone needs a website and, increasingly, social media accounts to engage with a broader public audience. The basis of this engagement is a good website. We design attractive, responsive websites that can be viewed on any device, focusing especially on making them fast and cheap to load even on slow or expensive data plans – a common issue in Africa. Our web and social media services include:

  • Designing or modifying existing websites to suit your needs
  • Training your own team, or maintaining the site for you in the long term
  • Improving website visibility on search engines such as Google and Bing
  • Providing training for social media engagements and/or assisting with your social media presence (particularly Facebook and Twitter)

Data collection and management are critical aspects of conservation research and monitoring, and we can help your organisation streamline data processes, reduce errors in collection, and analyse and map your results. Getting these things right saves time, frustration and money! Our data management services include:

  • Customising the CyberTracker application to collect data from the field, with training for staff on using and maintaining the application and database
  • Providing database solutions, particularly based on the powerful FileMaker Pro system that is used worldwide to manage extensive databases and automate some aspects of reporting (e.g. graph/charts)
  • GIS mapping using QGIS to map your data
  • Assistance with statistical analysis using the R software package

We are experienced field conservationists who have worked in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa on projects relating to human-wildlife conflict, black rhino monitoring, and carnivore population estimates. We have a particular interest in carnivore and rhino conservation work. Our conservation services include:

  • Desktop and field studies on human-wildlife conflict
  • Contributing to carnivore conservation assessments (e.g. Red Data Book)
  • Research relating to carnivore and/or rhino conservation
  • Wildlife monitoring


Company Profile

Felines Communication and Conservation (FCC) Consultants is a Namibian-registered Close Corporation with two Directors – Rob and Gail Thomson. Established in 2019, the company aims to grow its impact within the Namibian conservation and sustainable development sector, while also looking for collaboration opportunities with others in southern Africa. We understand the importance of conservation organisations working collaboratively and learning from one another, while also engaging constructively with the general public.

Our Vision is: A conservation community in southern Africa that work closely together in mutually beneficial relationships that reach out to the general public and other stakeholders in ways that strengthen evidence-based conservation in the region.

Our Mission is: To assist Namibian and other southern African conservation and sustainable development institutions by promoting collaboration among these stakeholders through the provision of professional communication and research consulting services.

We have provided services to the following clients, who can provide testimonials of our work upon request:

  • Namibian Chamber of Environment – Writing and editing articles for the Conservation Namibia magazine and designing/maintaining this website. Writing/editing services for carnivore conservation assessments, developing Best Practice Guides, maintaining Facebook and Twitter social media accounts.
  • Development Workshop Namibia – Assisting with report and proposal writing, training staff to improve writing skills, maintaining website content and Facebook account.
  • WWF-South Africa – three-month desktop study on human-wildlife conflict in the landscape around Kruger National Park in South Africa and Limpopo National Park in Mozambique.


Staff Profiles

Profile picture of Rob Thomson

Co-director Robert Thomson (M.Sc.)

Rob is a conservation technician who focuses on applying technology to conservation research and communication. Graduated with a B.Sc. (Hons) and M.Sc. from the University of Kent in Canterbury (UK) in Astrophysics, and a P.Dip. from the University of Oxford (UK) in International Conservation Studies. Eleven years of field experience in Namibia, Botswana and South Africa working on wildlife monitoring, reserve management and data management. Author of a paper on Camera Trap Software Development published in the African Journal of Ecology.

Rob's data management solutions are designed to improve consistency in data collection and recording processes, and ensure data reliability. His website designs are up to date with the latest Search Engine and Social Media functions, responsive to different screen sizes, yet remain quick to load and light on data usage - ideal for African audiences. With extensive experience in applying technological solutions in the field (including camera trapping, satellite collars, CyberTracker applications), he understands the specific technology needs of conservation researchers and practitioners.

Main interests: using technology to improve conservation science and practice, rhino conservation, training conservation field workers and early career scientists in good data management practices.

Profile picture of Gail Thomson

Co-director Gail C. Thomson (M.Sc.)

Gail is a conservation scientist who focuses on carnivore conservation and human-wildlife conflict who has a passion for creating public awareness of conservation through her popular writings. Graduated with a B.Sc. and B.Sc. (Hons) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal in Zoology and Botany, M.Sc. from Nelson Mandela University in Conservation Biology.

Eleven years of field experience in Namibia (6 years), Botswana (4 years) and South Africa (1 year) working on human-carnivore conflict and wildlife monitoring projects. Author or co-author of four scientific articles, two scientific book chapters, currently writing and contributing to the Namibian Carnivore Red Data Book. A prolific writer for popular media, published in Conservation Namibia, Africa Geographic, Mongabay, Daily Maverick, Conservation Frontlines and Conserve Botswana blog.

Main interests: human-wildlife conflict, scientific communication, training students and young conservation professionals, engaging in public debate on conservation topics, providing a voice and platform for rural communities and early career African scientists.


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